Advanced Technology Used in Wireless Outdoor Speakers

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One of the great impediments to a great outdoors experience whether it be at the pool or at a camp site was the fact that most music gadgets that people carried were old fashioned; not only requiring batteries but also if it was a sound system the speakers were attached to the actual musical device. This meant that the quality of music was somewhat compromised due to the wiring involved between the speakers and the actual unit.

With this advanced technology of wireless outdoors speakers, those who love to go camping or picnics may not have to carry huge speakers or wiring material but can instead carry these quality acoustic mini speakers to enrich their musical experience. But like all other technology inventions one needs to look at this also in detail to weight its pros and cons.

Wireless speakers work more or less the same way as regular radios. When the receiver plays the music, a device inside the speakers picks up signals. These are then converted to digital signals and then transmitted to the speakers.

The speakers also have a digital amplifier. This is located inside the speakers and it serves to decode the signal which is then translated to sound. It is noteworthy that the sound arrives in analog mode but is decoded into digital format. This then becomes rich quality sound.

One may wonder as to how the range of these wireless speakers would be. The range of the wireless speakers is the same as a good cordless phone, i.e. about 900MHz. In fact, the range of the wireless speakers is one step ahead as its signals can transmit through the walls also. Apart from this, there is an option of tuner knobs also available with the speakers so that the users can tune the signal to the best frequency.

Due to these features, the Wireless speakers can be very convenient to use. These can be put for individual as well as group use and since they are not huge, they may not cause any hindrance even if they are placed in the middle of the group.

Wireless speakers have become especially popular with outdoor recreational activities. This is because rather than each person coming with their own musical device, the whole group can tap into the same set of wireless speakers. These can also be placed out of site.

Wireless speakers have one drawback. While they emphasize on the term “wireless” these speakers nevertheless still need an electrical cord to run to the wall outlet for power. Battery-operated speakers also drain fast and this affects the sound quality. Another issue with the speaker is that although they appear elegant, the sound is poor once you move too far from the receiver. This is because the signal becomes weak. Wireless speakers can also be affected by other wireless devices in the vicinity. These include cell phones, other wireless speakers, radios and even Bluetooth devices. The sound quality can also be affected by proximity to trees and other thick vegetation which may interfere with the signal transmission.

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