Great Workout in Style with Bose SIE2i Headphones

Product Information

The market now offers the Bose SIE2i headphones that are sporty and stylish to be worn at any time especially when one is on the treadmills. Consumers can enjoy their workout with extra zest with this branded headphone to keep up with the beat.

Sports feel

This Bose sporty headphone is specially designed to boost the exercise routines of fitness fans easily. They are well engineered for exercise to accommodate sweat and weather. These headphones stay comfortably in place with good security while delivering the favored robust sounds that maintain the user’s energy.

There are many benefits from this premium headphone which conventional sports headsets cannot offer. The Bose SIE2i headsets offer tonally balanced audio that takes care of deep low notes as well as crisp high notes. This set offers special ear tips that would stay in place even during active workouts. This headset also uses hydrophobic acoustic cloth to ensure good absorption of sweat and drips of liquid inside or out.

New technology

The Bose sport SIE2i headphones is designed with special TriPort headphone technology that is new to generate wide range sounds with a clear audibility that includes deep natural lows to keep pace with the workout pulse. The well fitting ear piece sports an in-ear design to stay in place for clear audibility without closing off the environment totally. This is important to ensure that safety for the wearers is always assured.

Bose employs the dynamic StayHear ear tip design to conform to the ear securely yet comfortably even if vigorous exercises were performed. The Bose headset speakers are covered with hydrophobic cloth that ensures moisture is kept out but sounds are passed through with optimized cables and connections.

The Bose SIE2i headset model includes a convenient remote control on the type of music and its volume to be played on the iPhone or iPod. It is easy to skip a tune via a click without going near the device. A built-in microphone allows calls to be taken or switched seamlessly between music and calls.


It is important to look stylish and practical while executing any fitness program. The Bose sport headphones can enhance the user’s style with an exclusive accessory such as the Reebok armband which can keep the music device securely in place during exercise or keep the Bose headphones when not in use. There is a separate pocket to store keys. Its stretchable fabric allows skin to breathe easy while accommodating MP3 players and smartphones.

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