How Do Wireless Speakers Work?

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A technology continues to weigh in on music, more and more music lovers are transitioning from regular speakers to wireless speakers. While regular speakers are still widely popular, wireless brands are becoming a force to reckon with. This is not to mention that there are still many that have invested substantially in conventional speaker boxes. But those in tune with music have begun to experience the limitations of regular speakers.

One limitation is the unsightly wires that run from the music receiver or tuner to the speakers. If you have a lot of speaker, this mesh can become a mess that can even become hard to decipher. When the time comes to either change equipment or move, this tangled web can become a major headache.

Then there is the ever-present risk of someone tripping over the wires. This can result in serious injury. Little children can also easily mess with the wires and unplug them, chew them and even get electrocuted. There are also cases where short circuits in the wiring have started fires when the home owners were gone. This then presents a strong case for wireless speakers.

Wireless speakers appear normal in appearance. They consist of a transmitter cable from the tuner to the speakers. This works by transmitting radio frequency waves in much the same way a radio or a cell phone works. A digital decoder located inside the speakers picks up the analog signals and translates them into digital sound.

This device, called the transmitter, is connected to the tuner via a cable. An amplifier is also present which escalates the sounds and magnifies the signal. This also boosts its quality. The signal transmitter also has a cable running from it to the wall. The frequency range for wireless speakers is the more or less the same as that of wireless or cordless phones. This is normally around 900MHz. The sound can be transmitted through walls and other obstacles.

As said above, the sound can be transmitted through the walls. So the speakers can be in any other room and give a beautiful sound effect throughout the house. You can enjoy music even in a bathroom if you fit the speakers there, without worrying about any water damage. Be it a kitchen or outdoors, wireless speakers help you transmit the music quite audibly. Also, this is the ideal situation, which clears out worries incase of the presence of children or animals, as the speakers will be out of reach.

Wireless speakers are definitely going to be the way people listen to music in the future. This is despite the fact that conventional speakers will still be in use in a lot of homes. One downside of wireless speakers is that they are limited in the distance where the frequency signal can reach.

None the less, wireless speakers are going to be good demand in the future with more people opting for the same, although conventional speakers too will be in use in a lot of homes.

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